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Friday, September 20, 2019

Char #Siu #Bao #Recipe

This childhood reminiscence is candy and nostalgic. The excitement of ready for the waitress taking out the steamingly hot Char Siu Pao from the dim sum trolly made me smile in reminiscence.


  • Dough starter
  • 200 g of pao flour
  • 10 g Active dry yeast
  • 145 g icing sugar
  • 285 ml of lukewarm water
  • Other meals of the dough:
  • 10 g baking powder
  • 400 g of pao flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar, optional
  • 1/4 teaspoon ammonium bicarbonate, optional
  • 50 g shortening
  • 2 g of salt
  • Filling:
  • 400 g of diced hen breast meat, or use 80% lean red meat and 20% red meat fat
  • 60 g 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 12 g corn starch
  • 200 ml of water
  • 70 g oyster sauce
  • 25 g pale soy sauce
  • 35 g darkish soy sauce
  • 50 g of onion
  • 1 teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder
  • 45 ml 3 tablespoons of oil


  • Fillings:
  • Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a pan or wok, sauté the onion for 1 to 2 minutes till delicate and transparent. Add the diced hen breast meat and sauté till the hen is cooked.
  • Add the last ingredients. Stir and train dinner till the gravy thickens.
  • Transfer to a plate and permit it cool.
  • Dough:
  • Dissolve the dry yeast in water.
  • Add 200g of pao flour and icing sugar. Mix properly and hide for an hour.
  • Add the last presents into the starter combination and knead for 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Cover the dough with a work of damp fabric and permit it proves for 30 minutes, or till the measurement has doubled.
  • Divide the dough into 50g portions. Let the dough relaxation for 10 minutes.
  • Flatten the dough with a rolling pin to variety a circle of 8-10 cm in diameter. Place 30g of filling within the middle, wrap and pleat the dough to seal. Place it on a 1.5 inches (4cm) sq. baking paper, sealed facet up.
  • Place the Char Siu Pao in a steamer, depart about 2-3 cm hole in between every one Char Siu Pao. Steam in a preheated steamer on excessive warmth for 8 minutes.
  • Remove the Char Siu Pao as we speak from the steamer and funky them on a rack to evade the backside of the Char Siu Pao from fitting soggy.

Nutrition Information:

  • YIELD: 12 SERVING SIZE: 12 baos

The delicate and tender bun, the oozing soy-based thick gravy and the meaty filling weaving seamlessly appropriate into a ideal culinary masterpiece. Today, this Chinese steamed bun is nonetheless taking the middle stage of all dim sum unfold in every one Chinese restaurant.

Char Siu Bao or char siu Pao ( 叉烧包) is essentially some of the foremost noted vintage Cantonese dim sum. Delectable and exotic, a meal of dim sum can actually be considered one of the greatest you’ve ever had.

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steamed Char siu bao
Dim sum is a delightfully Chinese delicacy often served with tea. It literally translates to “touch the heart,” which capability “take what your coronary heart picks.” The culinary art of getting ready dim sum has been long-held by the Cantonese in Southern China.

Cha Siu Bao is a bun stuffed with barbeque pork. Barbecue red meat is referred to as Char Siu (or char siew) in Chinese, therefore the title Cha Siu Bao. This red meat bun is largely eaten from morning to early afternoon and often served with Chinese tea, that is referred to as yum cha ( consuming tea ) by the of us in Hong Kong. Nowadays, you possibly too can discover barbeque in lots of lunch menus in Chinese restaurants throughout the world.

Note: You will discover that I use hen within the recipe. Char Siu Bao is stuffed with red meat traditionally in China. However, there are some restaurants stuffed it with hen meat, that is both delicious. If you desire to make use of pork, simply exchange the hen with 80% lean red meat and 20% red meat fat. It will end up fantastic.

Char Siu capability barbeque meat, which could be any meat. There are shops in most Chinese network promote this variety of barbeque meat because the filling of the bun. You too can make it by yourself.  If not, observe this recipe, and it'll end up simply like utilizing the barbeque meat.

The buns are steamed by excessive warmth to permit the dough increase swiftly and burst open on the top, partially revealing the beef filling. This steamed red meat bun is greatest to serve hot straight from the steamer.

The buns of the vintage recipe are stuffed with the stir-fried trimmings of roasted red meat butt that is barely fatty but tender. You can use hen meat rather of red meat so that it's appropriate for of us of all races and religions.

char siu bao
The methodology of creating the dough is comparable to that of creating bread. The principal difference is to use, diverse varieties of leavening brokers to gain the tender, bouncy and bursting surface. Of course, it's steamed, now not baked. The buns are cooked in a lot lower than ten minutes as a result of the excessive warmth generated by the steam within the enclosed steamer.

Update 2018
I have acquired many feedback and questions considering I posted this article in 2016.  As such I could like so as to feature proper here news that had now not been written then.  I wish you'll discover the solutions to a few questions that aren't accessible within the unique text.

Some of us might assume that the use of yeast and baking powder concurrently isn't necessary, but for the ones who purely use yeast by myself and teat I like making bread, the feel isn't fluffy enough.  You will discover that the feel of Bao is a lot fluffy than any bread or buns.
Most of the cooks use icing sugar within the recipe.  If you don't have icing sugar, use castor o granulated sugar.  Coarse sugar is simply too tough and won't produce a sleek texture as desired.
The normal recipe is referred to as Char Siu Bao, that is stuffed with barbeque pork. The red meat have to be ut into small products (do now not mince it) which consist of 04-Jan of fat.  Small products of red meat have higher mouthfeel and are favored to minced pork. Some of us favor to make use of hen rather of red meat for this recipe. Chicken is mainly well-liked amongst the Dim Sum restaurants in Malaysia wherein they desire to cater to the Muslims who don't consume pork.
You can use butter rather of shortening.  Butter has a higher taste than shortening but is a bit bit messy to handle. This is totally as a lot as your description. The cause I use shortening is that the colour is pale and capable to provide near-white buns as you get within the restaurant.  If you don't mine the colour is a bit bit yellowish, use butter which doesn't comprise a trans fatty acid.
Have this Char Siu Bao in a Dim Sum restaurant nearby. (Not made by me, which I favor a lot less fats and extra juicy. )[/caption]

How to make Char Siu Bao identical to the expert chef
1. The meat filling
How to train the juicy filling
char siu bao filling
You can use extra water than said to train dinner the filling. It is vital to train dinner it till the gravy is thick enough. If it's too thick, the filling won't be juicy. If it's too diluted, it's tough to seal the meals within the dough. I even have water as phase of the meals to train dinner the filling within the recipe, but you might discover that I didn't upload any while I demonstrate within the video. This totally relies on you. As lengthy because the consistency is simply like what I present within the video, it have to be nice to go.

What various meat is appropriate except red meat for making Char Siu Pao?
Traditionally, barbeque red meat ( char siu 叉烧) is used. You can use hen breast meat as it's appropriate for all races and religion. The taste could be very near that of pork.

When you train the filling, there are a couple of issues which you simply must note:
1. Sauté the onion till it turns aromatic earlier than including the hen meat.
2. Combine the cornflour with water to variety a slurry earlier than blending it with the meat, otherwise you possibly can simply blend EVERYTHING together. It actually doesn't matter.

2. The pastry
Choose the greatest flour to make the Char Siu Bao
Use the proper variety of flour to make Char Siu Bao. I even have viewed various varieties of flour counseled by chefs, and I could desire to elaborate a bit bit on this subject.

The appropriate varieties of flour for making Char Siu Bao is Pao flour or Hong Kong flour. The low percent of protein of those varieties of flour will produce the maximum quantity of gluten required for bouncy and delicate buns. Both are bleached and can produce white buns invariably viewed in dim sum stores.

The difference between Pao flour and Hong Kong flour is that yeast is additional to Pao flour, and it's now not additional to Hong Kong flour. You can upload extra dry yeast even for the ones who use Pao flour simply in case the yeast is inactive. If you've hassle to get Pao flour, you possibly can use cake flour because it accommodates a comparable percent of gluten, however the colour of the Pao shall be barely yellowish.

The difference between Pao flour and Hong Kong flour
Freshly milled flour is bleached and the herbal colour is yellowish. Bleaching won't purely whiten the flour to make it extra appealing, nevertheless it also breaks down the gluten degree additional and makes the flour softer. Wheat flour accommodates protein and while it involves touch with water, it develops gluten, which provides elasticity and potential to baked goods. Different baking presents need various probabilities of protein for maximum gluten development. Here is the summary:

Cake flour – 6-8% protein
Pastry flour, Pao flour, Hong Kong flour ( also identified as Waterlily flour = 香港水仙面粉) 8-10% protein
Self-raising flour – 8-9% protein
All aim and plain flour – 10-12% protein
Bread flour – 12-14% protein
char siu bao

3 Leavening brokers to guarantee it's delicate and tender
There are three leavening brokers used within the recipe.

Both baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) and yeast are used to gain the bouncy and delicate texture. Both are fairly widespread in baking, but you might be unfamiliar with ammonium bicarbonate.

Ammonium bicarbonate ( widely identified as 臭粉 In Chinese ) is a leavening agent these days seldom used. It too would be hardly utilized in any western baking products. It is used within the recipe to serve a various purpose- to provide the signature bursting floor of the Pao. The expert finishing of Char Siu Bao have to be burst ( 开花 ) into three or 4 components on the surface, a lot identical to the crevices on upper of a hot move bun. It is created by utilizing ammonium bicarbonate rather of chopping strains on the floor as for bread.

You can omit ammonium bicarbonate because it doesn't contribute to the taste of the Char Siu Bao. The purely difference is that the floor might now not burst into parts, the ‘professional’ finishing of Char Siu Bao.

char siu bao as dim sum
The proper option to knead the dough
char siu bao
Dough making is fairly comparable to creating bread. Some cooks favor to train a starter simply like for making bread, as on this recipe. In this case, phase of the flour shall be used to train the starter. The flour will ferment longer which effects in a higher flavor.

Some a lot less widespread meals in dough making explained

Is lye water essential within the recipe?
Lye water ( 碱水 )- some recipes mean including lye water into the dough. Our recipe has no lye water. There is a hassle for the ones who upload too a lot lye water because it'll depart a bitter style to the Pao. I don't use lye water on this recipe.

How about comprise wheat starch within the recipe?
Wheat starch ( 澄面粉) could be additional to the recipe in a smaller amount. Wheat starch can produce a actually delicate and bouncy texture considering wheat starch has no protein. The Pao made by following this recipe is fairly delicate and there isn't any must upload wheat starch.

How about including vinegar to the recipe?
Vinegar is additional for a purpose. Since wheat starch has no protein, and Pao or Hong Kong flour has a low protein content, the pattern of gluten that contributes to the strength, and texture shall be limited. The ideal pH for gluten pattern is 5-6. This will inspire gluten pattern and bring a extra extensible (easier to stretch) dough. Vinegar facilitates to hold the pH of the dough so that it's now not too alkaline as a result of the use of baking powder and ammonium bicarbonate. This will produce Pao with nice texture and yet is bouncy and soft.

However, I even have examined my pao recipe and observed that as lengthy because the oil and the flour are white, there isn't any must upload any vinegar. Therefore, I don't comprise vinegar in my recipe.

How to make the bun whiter than snow white
A quantity of recipes mean that vinegar can whiten the dough. However, we've tried to make Pao with and with out vinegar, and the colour of the Pao is identical.

The reply to the snowy white Char Siu Bao lies within the colour of the flour and oil which you simply use. Hong Kong flour and Pao flour are bleached and can produce white Pao. If you use the simple cake or all-purpose flour, the colour of the Char Siu Bao shall be barely yellowish.

The variety of oil you use will have an effect on the colour of the Pao. If you use vegetable or animal oil, the Pao shall be barely yellowish. We use shortening of soy origin to provide a snowy white Pao. If you desire to make use of a fitter alternative, use unbleached flour and vegetable oil rather of bleached flour and shortening, The taste won't be affected. But the Pao won't be as white as these from a pro dim sum shop.

3. Wrapping, steaming, and storage
How to wrap the filling- greatest to observe the video
Filling of char siu bao

The greatest option to realize the option to wrap the submitting is to observe the embedded video. The following is the summary:
1. Roll out the dough to a spherical shape, but depart the middle barely thicker as here is the backside phase of the Pao.
2. Wrap and pleat the dough to seal the filling.
3. It isn't essential to seal the Pao dough tightly, Just folding and barely squeezing together with your arms is sufficient. This is various from shaping the pie crust, the place the road shaped by you'll reside even after baking. Most of the folding strains will disappear after steaming as a result of the stable leavening motion by baking powder and yeast. It is (traditionally) acceptable if the dough is ‘erupted’ as a result of the swift expansion of quantity throughout steaming and evaluate phase of the filling.
4. You can depart the bun at room temperature for twenty minutes earlier than steaming.  You don't must wait till it doubles in measurement like making bread. The baking powder + yeast +  ammonium bicarbonate will elevate the buns properly.

The proper option to steam the Char Siu Pao
1. Place every one Pao seal facet up on a small piece of oiled baking paper.
2. Place the Pao in a steamer tray. Make certain the water is boiled rapidly.
3. Steam the Pao on excessive warmth for eight minutes with lots of water and blanketed in any respect instances throughout the whole steaming process.
4. Please discover the larger the paos, the longer you must steam them. There shall be a starchy style for paos that aren't absolutely cooked. It is innocent to steam a bit bit longer than suggested.

How to sustain the Char Siu Pao for a protracted period
1. You might desire to make a big batch of Char Siu Bao but and sustain phase of it. The greatest method is to steam purely the quantity of pao you want, and iced over the uncooked pao (with the cooked filling inside). The is the comparable method the option to sustain the uncooked dough of bread within the bakery.
2. Place the freshly wrapped bao on a big baking tray.   Put the tray of bao within the freezer till the baos are tough enough.  Keep them in a plastic container and sustain within the freezer till you desire to steam them.
3. Arrange the frozen bao on a steamer tray and wait till it's at room temperature. You can now steam the bao simply identical to the contemporary one.
Char #Siu #Bao #Recipe
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