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Sunday, September 22, 2019


My first autumnal bake of the season is this sticky and smelling of cinnamon and orange zest Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread! If you’ve by means of means of no means made bread like this earlier than and are little apprehensive, fret no longer as I shall book you step by means of means of step (with photos) so you possibly may perhaps make and take delight in it in no time!

  • Bread dough
  • 350 g solid bread flour
  • 7 g packet of dried/fast appearing yeast
  • 60 g vanilla sugar or caster sugar see notes below
  • 50 g unsalted butter (melted and cooled slightly)
  • 50 ml warm milk see notes below
  • 150 g pumpkin puree see notes below
  • zest of 1/2 or 1 orange as per your preference
  • 1 enormous egg
  • pinch of salt
  • Cinnamon butter filling
  • 70 g unsalted butter
  • 100 g pale brown sugar
  • 2 tsp (heaped) flooring cinnamon
  • Loaf tin (25 x 12 cm) greased and lined with baking paper (no lining required if utilizing silicone loaf tin)

  • Make certain all of the meals are at room temperature or as said above.
  • In a enormous bowl or in a bowl of your status mixer (if using) blend flour and dried yeast. Follow with the remainder meals and bounce kneading.This dough has fairly sticky consistency and depending on the flour you're utilizing and in addition your pumpkin puree you would possibly desire a piece bit further flour (I've introduced additional 2 Tbsp + some on the running surface) to get the dough which was fairly silky and simple to work with.
  • Once achieved kneading make your dough suitable into a ball and positioned in a large, flippantly oiled bowl. Cover  and go away it in warm location for 45 min - 1hr till doubled in size.
  • When your dough is watching competent practice your cinnamon butter filling. In a small saucepan melt your butter, upload sugar and cinnamon and blend till nicely combined.
  • Put your proved dough onto flippantly floured floor and stretch it or roll gently to the form of rectangle (roughly 45 x 30cm). Spread butter combination evenly throughout the dough and slice into four identical measurement strips (lengthwise). Pile the strips on upper of 1 one other and cut into 6 identical pieces.
  • Place your 6 items "standing up" snuggly on your loaf tin and go away it protected for moment proving (approx. 30 min). Bake in 180C/350F/Gas Mark four oven for approx 40 min. If you do no longer desire your loaf to be too brown merely hide it with aluminium foil throughout first 20 min of baking. Once baked permit it cool barely in a tin earlier than turning out and take delight in while nonetheless warm!

  • Nutritional news is approximate, per loaf and intended as a guideline only.
  • If you do no longer have vanilla sugar you possibly can upload 1 tsp of vanilla paste or extract or seeds scraped out from half vanilla pod. Check out this submit for info on tips on simple methods to make your personal vanilla sugar.
  • If utilizing tinned pumpkin puree you would possibly have so as to feature a piece further milk as you knead the dough. Please take care and do it step by step and provided that wanted and never on the start.
  • If utilizing home made pumpkin puree which has got barely further watery consistency, you would possibly knead so as to feature a piece bit further flour. Again, do it step by step and provided that needed.

Nutrition Facts
  • Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
  • Amount Per Serving (0 g)
  • Calories 2916 Calories from Fat 981
  • % Daily Value*
  • Fat 109g168%
  • Saturated Fat 65g325%
  • Cholesterol 426mg142%
  • Sodium 144mg6%
  • Potassium 985mg28%
  • Carbohydrates 433g144%
  • Fiber 17g68%
  • Sugar 165g183%
  • Protein 54g108%
  • Vitamin A 26660IU533%
  • Vitamin C 6.3mg8%
  • Calcium 336mg34%
  • Iron 7.1mg39%

This bread is certainly one of the tastiest and stickiest yeasty creations I’ve had an closing delight of eating. It’s actually no longer that hard to make in any respect and the delight of pulling aside lovely, nonetheless warm slices only to screen yet one other fluffy pillow of cinnamon goodness is a natural pleasure. If you're keen on laid again weekend mornings in case you're taking your time over no matter your brekkie/brunch of possibility is that day, this loaf can be ideal addition to certainly one of these.

I ought to admit, simply as a result of the fact of the quantity of cinnamon used on this recipe the flavour of pumpkin itself is barely diminished. However, its presence within the dough allowed me to scale back the quantity of milk used and in addition introduce a piece little bit of pumpkin goodness!

For all my pumpkin bakes on the weblog I use my very own pumpkin puree. If you’d desire to discover out tips on simple methods to make it, test out this Easy Homemade Pumpkin Puree post. One factor to naked in thoughts is that the consistency of home made puree tends to be further watery than that of the variety you possibly can purchase in a tin. If you use tinned puree for this recipe you would possibly desire so as to feature a piece bit further milk as you knead your dough but provided that it seems too dry so don't boom the quantity of milk on the start.

When utilizing home made puree, on the different hand,  as a consequence of its upper water content material you would possibly have so as to feature a piece further flour as you knead your dough to get the proper consistency. One phrase of caution though, attempt to feature as low as probably as too a lot flour will make for more durable loaf. It’s nice to knead the dough for a whereas earlier than including further flour too early as on many times it’s no longer kneading the dough sufficient what’s guilty for stickiness somewhat then need for further flour. In my case (using my home made puree), I had so as to feature 2 further tablespoons of flour plus a sprinkle on my worktop too.

This scrummy loaf is greatest eaten on the day you bake it, nonetheless barely warm though I discover it as delicious the day after. Sometimes on a moment day I pop a slice in a microwave for a number of seconds to freshen it up a piece which does the trick (please don’t decide  ).

If you're feeling actually indulgent you may wish to drizzle your loaf with a piece icing but personally I discover it’s ideal as is with a obligatory cup of milky espresso for me or hot chocolate for the toddlers who love this loaf too.

If you're into the autumnal flavours and like baking with pumpkin attempt these Pumpkin & Cinnamon Muffins with Plum Jam or Nutty Pumpkin & Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips. Alternatively, these Easy Healthier Pumpkin Pancakes would make one other superb weekend breakfast! These Crunchy Pumpkin Cookies would make ideal weekend bake including your children – get these cookie cutters ready!

For further yeasty bread suggestion these Easy Yoghurt Bread Rolls and Sweet Blueberry Buns with Lemon Glaze are certainly price a look!

Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Put all of the meals within the blending bowl and knead till the dough turns into silky and simple to work with.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Turn the dough out onto floured floor and form suitable into a ball.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Put formed dough in a flippantly oiled bowl, hide and go away to show till doubled in size.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Proved dough competent to be became out and rolled into rectangle.

Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Stretch the dough or roll it out gently into the form of rectangle approx 45x30cm.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Prepare cinnamon butter filling by means of means of melting butter in a small saucepan and blending it collectively with sugar and cinnamon.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Mix cinnamon butter combination collectively till nicely combined.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Spread the cinnamon butter filling evenly over the dough and cut it into four even measurement strips (lengthwise).

Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Pile the strips on upper of 1 another.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Cut piled up strips of dough into 6 identical pieces.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Place your 6 items “standing up” snuggly on your loaf tin.
Pumpkin & Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
Cover it and go away it for moment proving approx 30 min. till it puffs up barely and you're competent to bake!
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