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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Best Ever Blueberry Syrup

Ever questioned methods to make blueberry syrup for pancakes? This tremendous simple syrup from scratch too can be the finest blueberry syrup for desserts. If fact, it’s so nice you might simply desire to lay it on everything!

Homemade blueberry syrup
I’ve been demise make blueberry syrup for awhile now. I began with strawberry syrup and couldn’t trust how simple it was! Since then, I’ve been planning to make selfmade blueberry syrup for breakfast however it stored getting driven to the backside of my to-do list.

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Now I’ve lastly got round to creating it and WOW, I’m truly comfortable I did. I took one style of this and as we speak texted my hubby that I’d simply made the finest syrup recipe EVER. I’m no longer kidding, this stuff is truly good, pretty while you make those superior waffles with cream cheese!

Start with a cup of recent blueberries. I recognize it’s difficult to no longer devour all of them straight from the bowl but to include yourself…you need them for the recipe!

Fresh blueberries for selfmade syrup
Before you leap cooking, blend a tablespoon of corn starch with water till it dissolves. This will assist thicken your syrup. Set aside.

Corn starch provides the syrup it be wanted thickness
Combine blueberries, sugar and water in a saucepan and simmer over medium-low heat.

Combine recent blueberries with water and sugar
Once berries soften and liquid begins to thicken, stir the corn starch into the berry mixture.

Simmer on medium low heat, then upload corn starch to assist the blueberry sauce thicken
When it reaches a syrupy consistency, take away from warmth and permit cool for about five minutes. The blueberry syrup will  thicken relatively because it cools.

This selfmade blueberry syrup is higher than any syrup from the pancake house.

This blueberry syrup recipe is so delish that you’re going to desire to lay it on EVERYTHING!

This syrup comprised of recent blueberries is correct over those waffles

I used it to make those fully mouthwatering waffles but however it might also double as a blueberry sauce for ice cream, cheesecake or any different dessert that is going nicely with blueberries.

You'll be amazed at how simple it be to make this selfmade blueberry syrup

Now which you simply recognize methods to make blueberry syrup at home, the syrup on the pancake restaurants will by no means style the same. This fully blows theirs away!

Blueberry syrup also tastes huge over waffles or cheesecake
If you’re storing blueberry syrup within the refrigerator, seal it nicely and it'll maintain no less than a week. I’ve considered others say that it retains a lot longer but I’d perhaps simply maintain it per week (though it by no means lasts that lengthy within the refrigerator!). However, you possibly too can freeze blueberry syrup and for those who do that, and it’s sealed tightly, it have to maintain for no less than six months.

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Best Ever Blueberry Syrup


yield:  8 prep time:  5 MINUTES cook dinner time:  20 MINUTES whole time:  25 MINUTES
Want the finest blueberry syrup recipe ever? Once you attempt this recipe, the blueberry syrup on the pancake residence will by no means style the identical again.

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1 cup Fresh blueberries
1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup Sugar
1 tbsp Corn starch


Mix corn starch with simply sufficient water for it to dissolve (approx 2 tbsp). Set aside.
Combine blueberries, water and sugar in a saucepan and cook dinner over low heat, stirring regularly.
Once berries have softened and liquid begins to thicken, stir in corn starch.
Cook for approximately 20 minutes total, till liquid reaches a syrupy consistency. Syrup will thicken relatively because it cools.
Pour over waffles, pancakes and even ice cream and enjoy!

Best Ever Blueberry Syrup
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